Freestyle Garden Room Ideas and Inspiration

Garden Room Ideas & Inspiration

Looking to put those finishing touches on your garden room? 


Maybe you're searching for inspiration to start your garden room project... 

At Image Garden Rooms, we strive to give you whatever it is you're looking for. We build all our garden rooms around you after all. Our 'Freestyle' service takes this a step further, giving you complete control over as much of your garden building as you like. From complete bespoke builds to an array of features and finishes, we invite you to soak up the inspiration and challenge us to create your perfect garden room...what are you waiting for?

Garden Office

Separate work from home, with an Image Garden Office

Working from home has long been on the rise. Coupled with this 'new normal' that many of us are adjusting to, it's no wonder more people are looking for a home office...that isn't the kitchen table.

Combining form with function, our garden offices allow you to create a comfortable space to work from home. Complete with your choice of bespoke office furniture, lighting, storage and services, we can help you work from home, without making home feel like work.

Garden Office Image Garden Rooms Norfolk

Garden Gym

Keeping fit without the faff, with a personalised Image Garden Gym 

Whether it's to avoid the early start, beat the queue for the last treadmill or make sure you can always get a weight bench, we've got the membership for you. In fact it's not just a membership. It's your very own gym.

Tailored to your fitness goals, we can help you create the perfect home gym right in your back garden. With the perfect selection of amenities, specialist flooring, sound systems and more, we'll work with you to make sure you'll never want to miss a session in your garden gym.

Garden Studio for hobbies, design, art and painting

Garden Studio

Whatever your creative outlet, we can help you create the space to celebrate it. 

A garden art studio, carpentry workshop, hobby hut...who needs labels? Not us. 

We just need to know you, your passion and how we create the perfect garden studio to support it. 

Garden Music Room Idea Image Garden Rooms Norfolk



If your creativity takes a more musical form, then why not explore a garden room design dedicated to just that?

Worried you'll upset the neighbours, or perhaps even a partner with some passionate performances? Not to worry, our garden music rooms can be fully insulated and sound proofed. Making them the perfect rehearsal or recording space.

Home Cinema

The big screen brought home, with your very own garden based home cinema

There's something about experiencing your favourite films and shows on the big screen. So why not bring that experience home?

With our unique background, we're actually pretty skilled at using projectors, screens and digital media. Combine this with our garden room know-how and voila, you've got a garden room cinema with all your favourite features  . So, who's making the popcorn?

Home Cinema Garden Room Design
Garden Games and Play Room

Garden Games Room

Custom made for mayhem, a games room in the garden 

Leave behind the daily grind with a room dedicated to one thing - fun!


Create an oasis of calm in the house as the kids enjoy their own space, or build yourself a family function room with our creative garden room ideas.

Integrate a pool or air hockey table, hook up a video gaming station, whatever your game we're here to help.

Garden Bar Design and Build

Garden Bar

If relaxing with a drink in your own private bar or welcoming guests to your own social club sounds perfect for you, why not make it a reality?


With our expertise in displays, custom furniture, lighting and wall coverings, we can create a garden bar with real wow factor. A custom theme transports you wherever you desire, with your chosen features truly raising the bar on garden rooms.

Garden Room with Al-Fresco Outdoor Dining Area



Extend your garden room with a customised al-fresco dining space. 

Incorporate your favourite foodie features. Pizza oven, grill, patio heaters and more, make your garden room a true outdoor diner's dream. Sleek decking ensures a stylish finish, while a canopy or pergola stands ready for the great British summertime



A protected space to learn and play with Image Garden Rooms 

With garden rooms offering a separate and safe space, they can provide the perfect place to set up educational play equipment and classrooms. 

We pride ourselves on our own ability to listen and learn about clients, sensitive to their individual needs. In collaboration with experts in the provision of educational equipment, we believe a well planned and built garden room can offer a greta space to play, learn and thrive. 

Adaptable for children of all ages, interests and special educational needs, welcome these unique enquiries about our garden rooms.

Garden Room for Learning, Education and Play
Bespoke Garden Room Design and Build with Integrated Sandpit

Have we got you thinking?

We're always on the look out for new ideas!

We love a challenge, but most of all we love seeing our client's reaction when they've created their perfect garden room, however weird or wonderful.


So if we've got you thinking about your own unique garden room project, we'd love to hear from you.