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How Expensive is a Garden Room?

How expensive is a garden room? Image Garden Rooms

There’s no denying that a decent garden room is an investment. To ensure safety, stability and style, it’s often an investment well worth making to get a garden room that stands the test of time. At Image garden rooms, we understand that any project is likely to be a big decision for our clients. This is why we commit to building around you, with our job not complete until you have the keys to your very own ready-to-use garden room. We don’t believe in hiding the costs either, with our current garden room range starting at £11,950. (Although, keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new designs for smaller office pods coming soon!) However, in this changing world we live in, where the lines of work, home and play are blurred, we wanted to look at how expensive a garden room really is compared to our other expenses.

Garden Offices vs. Commuting Costs

Surprisingly costly, unsurprisingly stressful, how does commuting stack up against a garden office?
Surprisingly costly, unsurprisingly stressful, how does commuting stack up against a garden office?

The average UK employee spends £146 a month on commuting. That adds up to over £135,000 by the time retirement rolls around. What’s more, if you’re commuting into the big smoke, this rises to £305 a month. London workers rack up almost £200,000 of commuting costs before retirement. That is, before 2020. The pandemic has changed the way we work, which for many of us, is likely to be a long term adjustment. With this comes the opportunity to adopt a new way of working, perhaps even using the money saved from commuting to create a healthier home office that might not be as expensive as you first though. What’s more, the average time spent commuting adds up to more than 10 days each year. With commuting one of the most stressful aspects of work for many of us, imagine what you could do with that extra time…even if it is just having a few extra minutes to snooze with your commute shortened to the back garden!

Garden Rooms vs. Home Extension Costs

Home renovations and extensions can be a great way to add space, but aren't without costs to consider
Home renovations and extensions can be a great way to add space, but aren't without costs to consider

A garden room is definitely not the only way to add some space to your home. In fact if you have a spare room you’re not using we’d definitely support you considering that before spending a lot more money than you need to. However for many of us, space is luxury that can be hard to find in the home, especially as we need to work, socialise and workout at home too. It’s then that we start to consider adding functional space. A popular option is a loft conversion, which on average comes in at £15,000 for a single ‘room in the loft’ without much finishing. If you need to start changing the roof structure, expect to pay as much as £40,000 and upward. A typical single storey extension ranges between £1,350 and £1,950 per m2, with the average cost of a 5 x 5m extension in 2019 coming in at £32,000 with rudimentary finish. If you want to go to two storeys the general rule is to add 50%. Staying on the ground floor, a typical mid-range conservatory ranges from £12,000 to £15,000 based on average costs in 2020. All of these are options to add space to your home, depending on your property, needs and budget that is. However what most of these options also have in common is the disruption, time frame and mess involved. A garden room is not only competitive when it comes to price, but with our build methods, offer a much faster, cleaner and often better finished option to add space to your home.

What about the environmental costs?

Not limited to financial, the cost of our work and home behaviour can also be environmental. Commuting alone can significantly impact the environment. Those with longer commutes of a 50 mile round trip could save up to 379kg of CO2 emissions just by working from home one day a week. Even those with shorter commutes of a 10 mile round trip could save 75kg of CO2 emissions a year by dropping the commute one day a week. With the change in working habits across 2020, many organisations have highlighted just how flexible they can be.

Imagine the benefits to the environment when more of us engrain healthy work from home habits into our day to day life. These benefits could be both personal and environmental too. We want to ensure that our garden rooms are built as sustainably as possible to further enhance the environmental benefits. This starts with using FSC certified materials and building with a blend of modern and traditional techniques that allow us to be as green as possible. Plus with our insulation and weatherproofing, we aim to make our garden rooms as energy and thermally efficient as possible too. Mindful that we may be removing some greenery from your garden, we also consider how to add back to nature with living walls, green roofs and eco-friendly landscaping. Start to finish we look to reduce the cost the environment while giving you the most value.

So, what do you think about the costs of a garden room?

It can certainly be surprising to put cost into context, especially with work and social life impacted so heavily. That's where we start making the distinction between cost and value. As we draw 2020 to a close, it could be an ideal time to consider where it might be valuable to invest in a better work-life balance, a place to preserve your workouts or a space to socialise. After all, it might not cost as much as you thought.

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