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Image Grows Into Your Garden

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

How we grew from grand halls to gardens to beat Covid and reconnect with our Norfolk roots...

By the end of March 2020, Image Display and Graphics had seen an entire calendar of events work evaporate. Being specialists in the design, production and installation of exhibition stands and experiences, we stood at the forefront of an industry now decimated by Covid-19. A previous year of growth and investment swiftly turned to a struggle for survival despite our strong finances. Amidst shaken confidence and the ongoing efforts to manage the pandemic, our team was under no illusions that the events calendar we once relied on, would remain unreliable for the foreseeable future. That was, until the virus was better controlled and the ‘new normal’ begins to return to the old one. In the meantime the question remained, what do we do with our 30 years of expertise in 3D design, timber engineering and creating experiences for our clients? The answer would mean the difference between whether we survived covid or not. Turns out it was sitting in the garden, or at least, it would be.

Image Garden Rooms Bespoke Garden Room Design

Taking stock of the technology and dedicated team at his disposal, our Managing Director Iain, recognised the potential to pivot right into this new sector that was literally in his back garden. “We realised we could work with the same mind-set we apply to our exhibition stand projects. Very few garden rooms are specifically designed with the users’ needs in mind, fully decorated and ready to use immediately. That’s where we come in as an end to end design and build service, all about creating a great experience.” So the journey to creating Image Garden Rooms rapidly began. No matter what we wanted to ensure we captured the essence of what it meant to work with Image. Complete peace of mind and professionalism unify our projects, working to immovable deadlines and the highest standards. Why should your garden room be any different? In short, it shouldn't. This is why whatever shape our garden rooms end up taking, they are always built around you.

To develop our new range of garden rooms, we drew inspiration from this unique events background, modern architecture and of course, our home county of Norfolk. Quickly, the ‘Classic’, ‘Knightsbridge’ and ‘Norfolk’ formed our pre-designed garden room range. Together with an entirely bespoke service we had carefully planned the basis for the Image Garden Rooms offering you can now readily explore. Full of choice, customisation and creativity, we sought to well and truly put the Image stamp on our latest extraordinary endeavour. Not only essential, but exciting, our family-run business has embraced the opportunity to deliver a product directly to our local community. Passionate about collaborating with fellow Norfolk businesses, the materials, groundworks, landscaping and even windows and doors are all sourced from within the county. With our new website, local advertising campaign and partnerships being forged across Norfolk, we're laying the foundations for future success, and we'd love for you to be part of it.

Image Garden Rooms Special Offer Showcase Project Discount

For a limited time, Image Garden Rooms are offering a 5% discount on all 'showcase projects'. In exchange for an interview with our clients, an opportunity to take some photos and video of the finished, we're knocking 5% off any of our garden rooms. So if this sounds like something you'd like to be involved in, or know someone who would please explore our garden rooms and get in touch.

Reinvigorating our Norfolk roots and resolving to beat Covid, together we want to prove that you can grow a business in the garden too!

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