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Intelligent Home Improvements - 1 of 3

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Welcome to the first of three articles that takes the lid off Image Garden Rooms, highlights the benefits of how we work and more importantly what we can do for you…

Intelligent Home Improvements #1

So what’s different about Image Garden Rooms?

It’s important to note that our Garden Rooms are proper buildings, however quite simply we aren’t conventional builders. Our expertise is born from over 30 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality timber engineered structures. Working from a base of innovative design we embrace modern, low impact construction techniques and sustainable and eco-friendly materials wherever possible. Exploring beyond the conventional we combine new processes with proven best practice, forward thinking ideas and manufacturing techniques underpinned by years of carpentry experience.

What does this mean about your garden room and why does it matter?

Firstly our services are provided from a manufacturing base, we have a 6,000 sq ft factory with fully equipped workshops, materials storage, showroom and offices. We manufacture much of what we need for build before we come to site, produced to precise dimensions under strict quality and design control. Our planning and design team would have already formalised design, specification and agreed precise details with you the client, which are then communicated to the workshops and our manufacturing team. Members of the same team later coming to site for build, installation and commissioning so remain invested in achieving a high quality build. Conversely most conventional builders are nomadic; working on the move with an extended supply chain and site crew. Raw materials are delivered to site; which is obviously your home. A builder normally builds from scratch on site, the project developing as they go, working on or off plan depending whether or not planning and building control is required. Many components that we would manufacture as a core part of our project, a builder without workshops would have needed to buy in or make up on site.

By far the most significant difference in what we do is less time and disruption”. We know from experience that a typical garden room, let’s say 5 metres x 3 metres, would take a conventional builder three to four weeks to complete from scratch. Site time is always dictated by the weather and in the winter also daylight hours. This can be a major factor for us all. However we can install, complete and commission a similar size building ready for occupation in just 4 to 5 days on site. Build components arrive on site for assembly and deployment normally the same day so are not subject to being left lying around in the weather and in the way! Less time on site equates to less disruption and intrusion to your home, less manufacturing work on site means less mess, less damage to the garden and reduced waste. Finally we come to site to commence work bringing all the required components and materials with us in the knowledge that they have already been completed and quality checked at the factory.

One of our unique selling points is that we work toward a clean, dry installation. That is to say we keep any site painting to a minimum and don’t have plaster board and plastered finishes to deal with. This is made possible as our manufacturing and build process incorporates an incredibly strong, high quality modular wall construction at its heart. Far superior to any typical SIP’s product on the market. Our walls have internal joinery quality structural frames with a moisture controlled composite board surface to the interior. We only use branded PIR insulation in the wall centre and a construction quality exterior OSB to finally close the inner wall assembly. That’s before we wrap the entire core wall construction with a fire retardant breathable moisture control membrane and decorate the inner side of the wall with an FR class 1 finish. The exterior wall construction can then take the form of a sustainable timber or modern recycled composite cladding or to choice a variety of other finishes. This modern and innovative timber engineered approach to construction is key and that which enables us to complete highly effective site build at pace.

Please get in touch if we can help you with any garden room, conservatory or home improvement project you may be considering. or call us on 01603 408104 to arrange a free no obligation consultation.


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