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What is a Garden Room?

It’s no coincidence that with the growing need to make more of our space at home, searches for ‘garden rooms’ have increased. You might initially expect to see something more like a conservatory, orangery or extension, but these are very different styles and structures to a garden room. So when we say garden room, what exactly do we mean?

Well firstly, a garden room is typically a freestanding structure, unlike their adjoined alternatives. Generally there are standard features you’d expect to see of a good garden room. These include, a timber frame or modular construction, insulation, windows, roof, weatherproofing and electrical wiring. What can change is how these features are considered by each designer or manufacturer. It can be handy to explore the options and talk to the teams about their approach before you decide. However it’s built and for whatever purpose, a garden room can be a big investment and should be built around you.

Our Knightsbridge Garden Rooms - Perfect for Customisation
Our Knightsbridge Garden Rooms - Perfect for Customisation

How do you build a garden room?

Here at Image Garden Rooms we construct using a timber engineered frame and wall system derived from our experience in modular construction. This combined with our ability to finish key decorative elements ahead of installation means our system can be installed quickly, with minimal mess or hassle onsite. We provide full insulation to the walls, floors and ceilings, with careful use of joins and weatherproofing to provide a comfortable and stress-free structure for year round use. Within our garden room structure, we employ high-quality UPVC windows with double glazing. Not only does this add to the thermal efficiency of our garden rooms, but it looks good too, with a choice of colours available.

In fact its choice we’re really passionate about here at Image. So whilst we’ve standardised how we build our garden rooms, what we build is up to you. Our bespoke garden room options mean that from the floor to the ceiling, it’s entirely your choice. Our roof styles, cladding, floors and even specialist features are all provided with peace of mind guaranteed, with our job not complete until you have your perfectly finished garden room, ready to use.

All Image garden rooms are designed specifically for you and your needs
All Image garden rooms are designed specifically for you and your needs

So, what can I use a garden room for?

Would it be cheesy if we said anything you like? Well we’re going to say it anyway. Your garden room can be used for anything. Some specific uses can require consideration of planning permission, for example running a full time business from your garden room or bringing in elements like plumbing. However we can help you get the planning right so you can use your garden room for anything without the worry. With the growth in home working and home workouts too, we’ve seen the popularity of garden offices and garden gyms increase. Plus more and more people have seen the benefit in using a garden room to increase living space or create a social escape for friends and family. Whether your garden room is destined to become a garden bar or spa, studio, games room, playroom or multi-purpose space, at Image we’ll build it around you., gym, studio, spa? You choose!, gym, studio, spa? You choose!

Want to see more about our garden rooms and how we build them?

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Or Contact us to learn more, discus your ideas and start planning your perfect garden room

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